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There are many schools, like specialized ones, which will help you not only to dive more safely, but also to gain more knowledge, so you can enjoy the underwater experience.

The prices include the whole process of training and the certification (equipment, theoretical and practical lessons, the curriculum in electronic format, the degree in electronic format and the certification)
The purpose of the dives, apart from pleasure, is the continuous training of the divers and simultaneously the better knowledge of various sea beds.

Redefine your diving evolution with us. Come up close and have a talk with us!

 Snorkeling Diver
SNOIt is a good way to begin your underwater adventure, with little training and the use of the minimum equipment. It is your opportunity to explore a new and exciting world. Suitable for all ages, provides both action and relaxation!!! You can combine it with underwater photography, an exciting leisure activity offering unlimited possibilities.
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 Kids and Diving
Since the age of 8, children are capable of learning how to dive safely. Along with the Azure Diving instructor, our children program teaches about the environment, proving both a great diving experience and fun.
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 Try Scuba

  TSThis is an opportunity to discover the underwater world, to experience the magic of the underwater life from up close. With the help of our Azure trainers, divers in the clear blue waters of Khalkidhiki meet safety precautions with the diving equipment and wander through the warm waters of Halkidhiki. It could be a starting point that it may lead to worldwide diving.
Most people enjoy this experience to such an extent that they enroll to a full training beginner program. Through the SSI open sea diving program you become able to fulfill your training and get the full certification for what you have been taught and already achieved by attending this diving program
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 SDScuba Diver
  For those that are unable to devote plenty of time so as to complete the diving program, the Scuba Diver course is the most suitable for you. Its context corrresponds to the half knowledged gained during the completed and certified diving program mentioned above. By ending this program you will receive a certificate that gives you the potential to dive accompanied by a trainer in all the open seas up to the 12m/40ft. You could complete the program after a while and become a certified open sea diver any time you wish and in any other authorized diving center, worldwide as it suits you best.
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  Open Water Diver
TOWDhis course is the very beginning of diving. With the help of the Toroni Diving trainers you will complete 4 dives of both the program and the theory, which can be uploaded to your personal computer, tablet or cell phone. At the end you will be certified as an open sea diver and you can safely dive in any sea around the world.
Becoming a recognized and certified diver gives you permission to explore our true last bountary: the ocean
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 Speciality Programs
There are many schools, and specialized ones, which will help you not only to dive more safely, but also to gain more knowledge, so as to enjoy the bottom of the sea as much as you can.

Redefine your diving evolution with us. Come up close and have a talk with us!

Adv adventurer The Advanced Adventurer is the beginning of this journey and it enables you to see midnight programs offered among countless specialty of SSI programs. To obtain the status of the Advanced Adventurer, take five different specialities that may interest you, e.g. - Boat, deep diving, navigation, nitrox, perfect buoyancy or even night diving. The choice is yours! After you study the information digitally, the trainer of the Adv. Adventure diving of the SSI will hold a briefing for the dive and one deep-sea diving for each specialization you have chosen.

The best part is that when you decide to complete these specialties, each dive you've already made can be counted in the required deep-sea diving for each specialty.

Please take a look at the below specialties that can be certified by our team.

Come and see from up close what suits you best.

Regarding prices vary the specialty from 160€ to 360€

 Navigation methodology, Diver Stress & Rescue, Enriched Air EAN Nitrox, Underwater photographer Night & limited visibility, Perfect Buoyancy, Science Of Diving, Search & Hoisting Search & Recovery, Wreck Diving , Altitude diving, Boat diving, Deep diving, Waterproof suit Dry suit diving, diver waves , tides & Waves , First aid Emergency Training.

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